About Us Stick Em Training Academy is an organization that focuses on improving fundamental skill development as well as physical fitness. Skill development training will focus on basketball and volleyball fundamentals first. Fundamentals are a great foundational piece to develop players before we introduce advanced techniques and skills. We also specialize and focus on fitness training and conditioning. This is an overlooked skill with a lot athletes today. Athletes cannot perform at a high level for long periods of time if their body is not conditioned to do so. When players are tired not only does their physical skills suffer, their mental sharpness suffers and it makes them susceptible to make more mistakes. The idea behind Stick Em Training Academy is to build better athletes in Southern Arkansas. That starts with being fundamentally sound and being properly conditioned to perform.
1 Session- $25 2 Sessions- $40 4 Sessions- $75 6 Sessions- $105 8 Sessions- $120 All Sessions will be 90 minutes. Sessions will consist of fitness training and sports skill training. Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, I will only be taking 10 kids per session. If all slots are filled, you will be put on a waiting list and will contacted when slots are available. 1 on 1 Training is available. Call or email for a quote. If you have interest in hosting a clinic for your community or for your team, Call or email for a quote. Travel within 2 hours of El Dorado, AR is free of charge. Any distance beyond 2 hours, there will be a travel fee associated with the service fee.
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Coach Derek “Stick” Easter OWNER/OPERATOR/HEAD TRAINER I am an El Dorado native who was raised in Emerson. I’ve always had a love for basketball every since my days of playing in the yard and on the playground. I relocated to El Dorado when I was in 6th grade. I tried out for the 7th Team and didn’t make it and that was honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. I went on to become a standout player in El Dorado and earned a scholarship to play for University of Arkansas at Monticello on the Division II level. When I made it to college, I realized how much my athletic ability had covered up my flaws in high school. Coach Mike Newell helped me grow my game by focusing on fundamentals. That’s when I became the best version of myself as a player. As I’ve gotten older I realized if I had the mental understanding of the game I have now, I would’ve been a way better player. That’s a big reason I wanted to start Stick Em Training Academy. The idea of Stick Em Training Academy was born in 2017 while working a friend’s FREE basketball camp in Bastrop. After I finished college in 2011, I was burnt out and fell out of love with the game. After working his camp, I found a renewed love for basketball and wanted to begin coaching. In Fall 2018, I was hired to be a 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach as well as 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball Coach. I remember how far kids were fundamentally behind in both sports and their bodies were not prepared to perform at a high level. That’s when I started focusing on getting players in shape and learning fundamentals first. During the pandemic of 2020, I used that time to bring my idea to life. I got certified to be a USA Basketball Gold Coach which gave me access to resources from some of the top coaches in the world such as Coach K from Duke and Coach Pop of the San Antonio Spurs. I also became an IMPACT Basketball Certified Player Development Specialist. This program allowed me to learn about developing basketball skills but also the importance of conditioning and nutrition. Although I know I have a deep well of knowledge about sports training, I am always looking to people who have more experience to learn more. The more information I can learn, the more I can help the kids. The motto of Stick Em Training Academy is “WHERE GREATNESS IS EARNED” and that’s because kids will have to work for everything. Everything is earned. We also have a credo of “WORK HARD.” If they develop the habits to work hard, the training becomes fun for them. Lastly at Stick Em Training Academy, we teach the game and how the sports specific drills translate to the game. If kids can learn the game and develop skills, it will make them a better player.
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